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FootMotion was founded in 2015, starting as a footwear store and podiatrist clinic in Toowong, Brisbane.

At FootMotion, we pride ourselves on being footwear specialists and aim to perfect your step. After all, just like a fingerprint, everyone has different feet with different needs.

No matter what the problem or focus - wide or narrow feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, different foot lengths - we have a shoe for you!

What Is FootMotion

What Is FootMotion

FootMotion is where the natural motion of the foot is measured and enhanced. This means that both in-store and online, our footwear is fitted perfectly in order to suit the functional requirements of your unique, natural walking motion. This means that technology and precision meet with natural motion and intuition.

Our Mission | FootMotion

Our Mission

At FootMotion, customer satisfaction means that problems are prevented, pain is relieved and real and demonstrable benefits are provided. Our vision is to empower our customers to live life to the fullest, enhance performance and free them of pain. Of course, we want them to do all this whilst wearing supportive shoes!

Our Values | FootMotion

Our Values

At FootMotion, our values are Integrity, meaning we are honest and deliver on real outcomes. Harmony, as we care about our customers and deliver beyond expectations. Excellence, meaning we deliver results based on real outcomes and Responsbility, as we take ownership of what we say and follow through.

FootMotion Podiatry

Our team of caring and highly skilled podiatrists are dedicated to helping you solve your foot and lower limb problems.

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A wonderfully knowledgable team, who really make you feel welcome and looked after. They only stock the best products. They really help you find the best shoes for your needs and your budget!

John L

Best shoe store, the experience was so good my wife ended up buying runners also. After a year off running due to injury I'm back and it is in big thanks to these guys. Will be waiting to buy shoes from here on every trip over from Canada!

Neil G