About Us

The average person walks 120,000Km in their lifetime, and the shoes you wear affect the way your feet move. Poor footwear choices increase the risk of foot, knee and back pain, and if you have pain, then your shoes may be part of the problem.

FootMotion is where the motion of the foot is measured, and then enhanced with functional footwear fitted perfectly.


World leading technology and systems in the hands of highly experienced personnel assist you to discover the perfect shoe for you.

The functional features in different shoes can have a great effect on the way you walk, whether in a sports shoe, work shoe, or sandal.

We use the analysis of your referring health professional, check the dynamic loading of your foot using a Zebris Pressure Treadmill, and choose the right shoe for you with matching functional features.

3D scanning and functional fit enables FootMotion an unparalleled ability at a retail level to match shape and functional requirements of each person's foot to the functional features in the shoe.


We take a collaborative approach with your podiatrist, physiotherapist or exercise therapist to ensure the most suitable shoe is chosen. We can also provide our analytical reports back to your health professionals for their reference.

Our Brands

We stock a range of footwear for a variety of categories, including running, adventure, work, casual and school. You can find out more about what Brands we stock here.

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