Top 5 Work Shoes For Standing Or Walking for 2023

Best Work Shoes For Walking or Standing

You get fitted for athletic shoes and your daily trainers but do you put that much effort into finding comfortable work shoes that you wear for over 80% of your day? Probably not.  

Here at FootMotion we value quality footwear that moves you from A to B and in between. Work shoes are no different and should always have ample cushioning, a sturdy heel counter, arch support and stability features. Walking styles should offer more stability than the shoes for predominately standing but many quality brands are designed to be interchangeable. 

Take a look at our top 5 picks for best work shoes for standing or walking all day. 

Ascent Avara Walking Work Shoe

Ascent Avara - Just $179.99


The Avara by Ascent Footwear is a full coverage, lace up black leather work shoe and a cross between a sneaker and a cross trainer.

The outsole is SRA slip-resistance rated to Australian Standards for use on tiles with soapy water; perfect for healthcare and similar environments.  

With arch support and ample stability features you'll be comfortably walking around work without a sore foot in sight!


Cumulus Women's Work Shoe

Ascent Cumulus - Order right & left separately for $69.99 each ($139.98 pair)


Order different sizes within a pair to customise your fit in the incredible Cumulus women's work slip-on style. 

This style features a dual-layer innersole system to be able customise the width and fit to your foot. The stretchy material also provides some give for those with bunions or wider feet.

Ascent Cirrus Women's Mary Jane

Ascent Cirrus - Just $159.99


Following the Mary-Jan trend, Cirrus is our stylish shoe in the work range for retail and office workers. Featuring hidden arch support and an adjustable strap, she is accomodating and comfortable for many foot types. 

Another style with anti-slip technology underfoot, you'll be confident in every step thanks to the SRA rated outsole design by Ascent. 


Ascent Voyager Women's Work Shoe

Ascent Voyager - From $89.99 each shoe (left & right sold separately)


Walk this way in the Ascent Voyager for full-coverage work shoes in full-grain leather. If you're a nurse, aged care worker or hospitality worker you'll love how easy this style is to wear all day or night long!

SRA slip resistant, DRILEX anti-wicking lining, and cushioning from heel to toe, you'll have no problems in this work style.

Ascent Contour Women's Work Shoe

Ascent Contour - Just $179.98 (pair) or $89.99 each (left & right available separately)


As its name suggests, the Contour hugs your foot in all the right places including under the arch with a thicker BUNGEE foam. Slip in and out with ease using the lockable side zip or simply undo the free-fit laces. 

This black leather work shoe is not only durable but features the highest non-slip rating SRC.