The Importance of Properly Fitted School Shoes

Stride Confidently Back To School In Ascent 

As the back-to-school season approaches, parents are faced with a myriad of decisions to ensure their children are ready for the new academic year. One crucial consideration often overlooked is the significance of properly fitted school shoes. In this blog, we delve into why the right fit matters and why Ascent stands out as a beacon of best practices in this regard.

The Importance of Properly Fitted School Shoes

Imagine a school day where each step is a pleasure, where discomfort and distractions are minimised. Properly fitted school shoes lay the foundation for this experience. Ascent understands that growing feet require special attention, and their commitment to comfort is unparalleled.

The Importance of Properly Fitted School Shoes

As children's feet continue to develop, wearing shoes that provide proper support is essential. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort, pain, and even potential long-term foot issues. Ascent prioritises the health of growing feet, offering designs that promote natural movement and proper alignment.

The importance of properly fitted school shoes

Uncomfortable shoes can be a significant distraction during class, hindering a child's ability to concentrate and engage in lessons. Ascent Footwear's dedication to crafting shoes that prioritise comfort ensures that students can focus on their studies without unnecessary discomfort.

Ascent Footwear not only excels in comfort but also in durability. Properly fitted shoes that withstand the rigours of daily school activities contribute to a cost-effective and practical choice for parents.

So what sets Ascent apart in the realm of school shoes? Here's why they stand out: 

Whether it’s girl's or boy's school shoes, you can rely on Ascent Footwear’s sports shoe technology to provide all-day comfort and support. Your child will love our durable black leather school shoes and cross-trainers.

Endorsed By Professionals:

Our school shoes are often referred by health professionals, as they are orthotic friendly, flex in the right place and provide the correct amount of support and cushioning for growing feet. As a brand, we care about the development of children’s feet and value research, development, and engaging with the medical community to provide high-quality, supportive footwear.

A selection of our school shoes are also endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). The APA only endorses products that offer a direct health benefit to patients of physiotherapists.

To ensure you get the perfect fit every time, Ascent makes their school shoes in a huge range of sizes, half sizes and different widths from the narrowest 2A width to the widest 4E width.

Not only is the width and size of school shoes very important, but offering a range of different toe shapes in our formal school styles, so there's something for everyone's taste!

Shoes for all widths and sizes

Investing in properly fitted school shoes is an investment in a child's comfort, health, and overall well-being. Ascent Footwear's dedication to these principles positions them as a best practice example in the realm of school footwear. This back-to-school season, prioritise the foundation of comfort with Ascent Footwear, where each step is a stride toward a successful academic journey.