The Benefits of a Wide Toe Box Design in Your Footwear

In our daily lives, our feet bear the weight of numerous activities, often without receiving the attention they deserve. Foot problems tend to be overlooked until they become noticeable. Despite this, many of us tend to overlook the importance of proper footwear until foot problems come knocking. Today, let's delve into the concept of oblique toe shoes and explore insights from our esteemed Head Podiatrist, Dr Lloyd Reed, who has been at the forefront of our foot health mission at FootMotion.

Oblique toe, in terms of shoe design, signifies a square and roomy toe box that aligns with the natural shape of a person's foot. This unique feature offers additional space in the toe box, ensuring both comfort and freedom of movement. Dr Reed, with over 30 years of clinical experience in podiatry and a wealth of expertise in research, emphasises that this subtle shift in design can make a significant difference, particularly when considering the natural contours and shapes of our toes.

Dr. Reed reveals that a substantial 56% of reported foot problems originate in the forefoot, underscoring the pivotal role of a wide toe box. This design concept allows the toes to splay naturally, providing ample room for comfort and effectively mitigating issues such as hyperkeratosis, corns, and discomfort in the interphalangeal joints. 

Building on this insight, our podiatry team, led by Dr. Lloyd Reed, has conducted extensive research on foot problems. Among the most frequently reported issues are corns and calluses on the tops, sides, and tips of the toes, as well as challenges related to thickened or ingrowing toenails. To assist individuals in maintaining optimal foot health, our team offers expert tips for assessing shoe fit, derived from Dr. Reed's research. These insights can help ensure that your footwear aligns seamlessly with the natural contours of your feet, minimising the risk of toe problems.

Toe Bumps: If you notice your toes pushing up into the shoe upper material, creating a bump, it's likely that the shoe is too tight or too shallow in the toe box.

Toe Length: If your toes touch the end of the shoe or there’s less than a thumb’s width past the longest toe when you stand up, Dr. Reed advises that the shoe is probably too short.

Insole Check: To verify if the shape of the shoe matches your toes, remove the insole and stand on it. If the toes are sitting at the edge of the insole or hanging over, the toe shape may not be correctly matching your foot.

Foot Movement Marks: Examining the impression on the insole from the movement of your toes during walking, especially in older shoes, can provide valuable insights. If the toes are nearing the end of the insole, it may indicate that either the shoe is too short or better lacing techniques are needed to hold the foot in place.

For those seeking relief from foot issues, a visit to FootMotion is in order. Our unparalleled ability, facilitated by 3D scanning and functional fit, allows us to match the shape and requirements of each person's foot to the functional features of the shoe at a retail level. We also offer a diverse range of shoes designed with wider, squarer toe boxes and fewer seams, providing more depth for enhanced comfort. Our selection includes specialised brands like Altra and Topo, known for their shoes that are straight along the big toe, making them ideal for individuals with a long big toe, bunions, or those in need of extra toebox width.

Notable examples of stylish casual shoes with extra room around the toes include the Ascent Stratus Wide, the Birkenstock Bend, and the Ziera Shovo. For outdoor enthusiasts, Keen produces adventure shoes that are square and wide in the toebox, catering to those eager to take on various trails. 

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Now, as you step into FootMotion's world of oblique-toe shoes, you're not just investing in footwear; you're investing in the well-being of your feet. The journey to optimal foot health begins with acknowledging the importance of the foundation beneath you. Our commitment to merging foot health and comfort seamlessly is reflected in every step you take. After all, the road to foot wellness is a journey worth taking—one step at a time.

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