Stepping Forward: A Guide To Maintaining Your Ascent School Shoes

Ascent School Shoes

As the school year begins, ensuring the longevity of your child's school shoes proves a wise investment. Meet Ascent Footwear, a brand renowned for crafting high-quality school shoes. Beyond their excellence in design, Ascent provides invaluable tools and knowledge to preserve the shoes in optimal condition throughout the academic journey.

Ascent School Shoes

1. DO: Start with QUALITY

Ensuring the endurance of school shoes starts with their inherent quality. Ascent Footwear is synonymous with durability, utilising premium materials resilient to daily wear. Opting for shoes of such caliber lays the foundation for a successful maintenance routine.

2. DON'T: Step on the Heel Counter

Refrain from pushing down the back of the shoe when putting on or removing them, a common practice that can cause unnecessary damage to the heel counter.

3. DO: Clean Regularly

Maintaining the appearance of school shoes necessitates a consistent cleaning routine. Ascent Footwear recommends a straightforward process: remove excess dirt, wipe with a damp cloth, and allow them to air dry. This routine thwarts dirt buildup and upholds the integrity of the shoe's materials.

4. DO: Protect Against the Elements

Ascent Footwear's commitment to quality extends to weather resistance. Encourage your child to use weatherproof sprays or creams, especially crucial for leather or suede options, safeguarding their shoes from rain, mud, and unexpected spills.

5. DO: Rotate Your Shoes

Active kids subject their shoes to rigorous wear during the school year. If they have both formal and cross-trainer school styles, advocate for rotating between pairs of Ascent school shoes. This not only extends the life of each pair but also allows time for shoes to air out and maintain their shape.

6. DO:  Proactive Repairs

Address small issues promptly to prevent them from escalating into significant problems. Ascent Footwear advises proactive checks for loose threads, worn-out soles, or damaged laces.

7. DO:  Encourage Proper Fit

Proper shoe fitting from the start is one of the most effective ways to maintain school shoes. Ascent Footwear's commitment to precision fitting minimizes discomfort and uneven wear, ensuring prolonged shoe life.

8. DO:  Store Correctly

Teach your child the importance of proper shoe storage. Ascent Footwear recommends avoiding direct sunlight or proximity to heat sources, as extreme temperatures can impact the materials. Store them in a cool, dry place.

9. Rejuvenate with Ascent Footwear Care Kits

For streamlined maintenance, consider investing in Ascent Footwear's care accessories.

Ascent School Shoe Care Kits

Ascent Footwear not only delivers industry leading school shoes but also empowers parents and students with the knowledge and tools for year-long maintenance. By incorporating these practices into your routine, ensure your Ascent school shoes continue to support your child's academic journey with style and durability.

Ascent School Shoes