NEW | Adrenaline GTS 23 from Brooks is HERE!

Brooks has always been one of the go-to brands of runners all over the world since 1914. Focusing on improving the interaction between the runner and the shoe, Brooks have endeavoured to widen their understanding of runner biomechanics.

Among all the collections from Brooks, the Adrenaline GTS range has been the most loved and supported choice for providing a smooth and supportive ride and especially reducing overpronation.

In mid-June, Brooks released their long-waited Adrenaline GTS 23, once again delivering excitement to the running community. Combining the signature features of the Adrenaline GTS 22 with the updated DNA LOFT v2 midsole, the Adrenaline GTS 23 empowers all runners to perform at their best.

Updated DNA LOFT v2 Cushioning

The biggest change that GTS 23 brings is the shoe’s midsole of DNA LOFT v2 cushioning. This advanced cushioning technology strikes the balance between softness and responsiveness. The lighter-weight design ensures a comfortable ride while offering impact absorption and energy return. Composed of EVA foam, rubber and air, DNA LOFT v2 delivers softness and stability while maintaining lightweight and durability.

GuideRails Holistic Support System

The GuideRails support technology, which has been present in the last few versions of Adrenaline GTS, continues to be a feature in the Adrenaline GTS 23. Whether there is an overpronation tendency or a neutral stride, the GuideRails system adapts to one’s needs, providing stability and minimising the risk of common running injuries.

Engineered Air Mesh Upper & 3D Fit Print

The Adrenaline GTS range features an engineered air mesh upper that prioritises both breathability and comfort. The strategic design allows for optimal airflow, keeping the feet cool and dry throughout the run. Additionally, the 3D Fit Print technology adds structure to the upper, ensuring a secure and supportive fit.

Overall, Adrenaline GTS 23 provides ultimate support and comfort by featuring Brooks’ latest technologies, such as DNA LOFT v2 cushioning. Designed for stability and performance, the Adrenaline GTS 23 offers exceptional cushioning, responsiveness, and support to keep going mile after mile.