FootMotion proudly introduces On Running, turning everyday runs into remarkable experiences.

On is a Swiss athletic footwear brand founded in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, a former six-time Ironman champion. The brand gained popularity with its innovative shoe design, winning the ISPO BrandNew Award within a month of its debut. On Running is known for its unique CloudTec technology, offering a "running on clouds" experience with shoe pods that absorb force and enhance speed. 

What Sets On Running Shoes Apart

  1. Reduces Muscle Fatigue: On Running shoes have been associated with an average 1.3% lower heart rate and 5.5% lower blood lactate levels, indicating improved efficiency and reduced muscle fatigue compared to standard running shoes.
  1. Improves Speed Off Ground: The unique CloudTec technology allows for energy harnessing and rapid propulsion, enhancing speed and efficiency during your run.
  1. Reduces Injuries: The individual pods in the sole adapt to your stride, providing superior shock absorption and cushioning. This adaptability aids in reducing injuries caused by poor form and excessive braking force.
  1. Unmatched Comfort: The ultimate test of a running shoe is how it feels on your feet. On Running excels in delivering a comfortable and satisfying running experience, allowing you to truly enjoy your runs.

Key On Styles 

On’s cloud collections for everyday wear and running really do live up to its motto: Run On Clouds. Discover the essential On styles available at FootMotion and choose the perfect cloud-inspired shoe for your needs today.

Cloudmonster: Cloudmonster is an advanced running shoe from On Running, carefully engineered to provide an exceptional CloudTec® experience, enhancing performance with every run. Tailored for versatility, it suits distances ranging from 5K to 20K, focusing on comfort and functionality. The shoe incorporates substantial cushioning, particularly in the sole, aiming to deliver optimal comfort during each stride. The upper part is designed for breathability, allowing a pleasant running experience. Additionally, the secure fit contributes to stability, essential for a consistent and secure run.

Cloudrunner: Cloudrunner is a running shoe crafted for optimal comfort and support, aiming to provide a distinct sense of ease during your runs. The upper part of the shoe is designed to deliver a supportive and stable fit, enhancing your overall running experience. Whether you prefer urban routes or challenging terrains, the Cloudrunner caters to runners of various levels, focusing on versatility and reliability. Its cushioned support and unique comfort make it a dependable choice for those looking to enhance their running journey.

Cloud x 3: On Cloud X 3 serves as a reliable training sneaker, designed to enhance performance for urban workouts sessions. The shoe is characterised by its lightweight build, comprising a three-layer recycled mesh upper that promotes breathability and durability. Notably, this sustainable design consists of 90-95% recycled content. The incorporation of On's CloudTec and Speedboard technologies underscores a focus on responsiveness and agility, making it suitable for running or gym use.  

Cloud 5: Cloud 5 is a versatile and neutral everyday shoe that balances light, swift cushioning, making it ideal for casual activities and short runs. Its design prioritises breathability and comfort, offering a practical choice for daily wear. The CloudTec midsole provides a blend of cushioning and maneuverability, while the 8mm heel-to-toe drop and toe spring contribute to a natural feel. Whether you're taking a walk or spending extended hours on your feet, Cloud 5 delivers the needed support and comfort for your everyday activities.


Wear Test Review

Our Marketing Lead tried a pair of ON Cloud X 3 shoes. Now, let's hear what Lucy has to say about her experience with this pair.

Lucy Day
FootMotion Marketing Lead
"I recently put my new pair of ON Cloud X 3 to the test during my weight-based and HIIT classes. These shoes are all about speed, intensity, and focus. I can confidently say that they live up to the hype. When you're pushing yourself to the limit, you want footwear that can keep up, and that's exactly what the Cloud X 3 does.

First off, these shoes are incredibly lightweight - you barely feel them on your feet. That's a game-changer when trying to move fast and stay agile during your workouts. Whether I was doing box jumps or burpees, the Cloud X 3 gave me that extra edge with their feather-light feel.


But it's not just about being light; it's also about being responsive. These shoes give you a bounce in your step that helps with energy return. When you're powering through those intense cardio sessions, this makes a big difference.


ON shoes are renowned for their distinctive design, particularly with their outsole, which sets them apart from other performance footwear. The unique look of these shoes meant I constantly had compliments and questions about them.


According to ON, the Cloud X 3 is designed to push the limits in terms of agility and versatility, and I couldn't agree more. These shoes aren't just for running; they're perfect for every squat, lunge, and deadlift. No matter how you move, these shoes have got your back.


The 3-layer mesh, which is made from 90-95% recycled content, offers fantastic breathability even during the toughest workouts. The support these shoes provide is confidence-boosting during an intense workout - you know your feet are well taken care of. The fit is also great due to the star lacing system. It ensures a snug feel without any uncomfortable pressure points. The CloudTec® technology and Speedboard® add to the overall support and stability of the shoe, making them feel like they were custom-made for my feet.


Overall, the ON Cloud X 3 is a fantastic choice for those who demand support from their workout shoes. They're light, responsive, and they look great too. If you're looking to level up with your fitness goals, give these shoes a try. You won't be disappointed!" 

In summary, On Running is a brand that redefines athletic footwear with innovative CloudTec technology, promoting comfort and performance. Whether it's running or everyday wear, On offers a diverse range of styles. Experience the joy of running on clouds with On Running, available at FootMotion.