Dr. Lloyd gives us tips on how to LOVE your feet

Back-to-work season is back, and are you loving your feet enough? Whether you're in an office, operating room, or on the job site, the right pair of shoes is essential for your overall foot health and well-beingWe asked our head podiatrist, Dr. Reed for some tips on how to take care of your feet, and this is what he said. 

Feet deserve well-fitting, well cushioned and supportive shoes

I advise all my patients to get their feet professionally measured by our podiatrists. They can identify key features tailored to your individual needs, considering your foot type, shape, function, and activities.

Look after your toe nails

Trim your nails along the natural shape of your toes, avoiding cutting into the corners. For ingrown toenail issues, our podiatrists offer foot care advice and pain relief through professional nail trimming.

Look out for hard skin

After the Aussie summer, common hard skin issues include callused or cracked heels from sandals or going barefoot. This can be improved by using foot balms from the chemist and wearing enclosed footwear for a week or two.

Remember foot pain is not 'normal'

Foot pain tends to be related to abnormal loading of the foot structures due to excessive stress in activities, such as standing and walking for prolonged periods at work, or experiencing excessive pressure on the feet from footwear.
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