Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)
Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)
Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)
Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)
Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)
Oxide 2 (4E) Black (129643)

Oxide 2

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Amazingly soft underfoot but also maximum support, the Oxide is the answer for men struggling with foot pain in need of a safety boot.

Weight: 835g

Suitable for

Anti-static, and so good for flammable materials & gasses, or sensitive electronic equipment. Sole tred ideal for flat, steel, or road surfaces. Those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, foot pain, fatigue.

What we like

  • Supplies the cushioning and support essential for those with foot pain
  • Drilex lining is anti-bacterial and controls moisture build up inside the boot
  • Fatigue busting safety boot, engineered for comfort
  • The composite safety toe is lighter than steel, airport friendly and insulated

Suitable surfaces

  • Tile
  • Wet
  • Oily


  • Anti bacterial lining
  • Full grain leather


Sole Elevation 13.5mm
Toe Shape Semi_oblique

Stability Profile

Stability profile image

Cushioning Level

Heel cushioning:
Heel cushioning image
Forefoot cushioning:
Heel cushioning image

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